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Morons! Your Bus Is Leaving! Second Quest

ThisWatchCostMoreThanYourCar on Mar 28th, 2011, Version 2.0.0

"?to make them playable and enjoyable..." You stupid, arrogant prick. Yeah, because Bungie---that immensely successful company (well before "Halo")---really didn't know a motherfucking THING about making "playable, enjoyable" products, right? And I really love this one: "If only they had been this way in the first place!" Yes, if only, asshole, because, you know, Bungie and Double Aught and all those amazing guys (and girls) never knew fuck-all about making kick-ass netmaps, building an adaptive, evolving, and successful business empire, and so on. IF ONLY you flatulent cunts had been there to help and advise them! Oh, if only! You guys are some seriously fucked-up motherfuckers, man. You have no sense of historical precedent, nor any respect for the people who made it possible for you to be the stupid little incestuous bastards you are today. Yes, you shitheads do some great work, no question, but you also, to the man, need some serious lessons in humility. To wit, if you knew what success really was, what accomplishment and achievement really looked, felt, tasted like, you'd realize what piss-ant morons you publicly make of yourselves, dissing people who've built history under your sorry-assed, unwashed feet. That said, nice work on this. Great and flattering improvements on a classic, important, standard-forging product, one that turned hard soil and grew vast gardens before any of you even knew a mouse and keyboard. Buh bye!