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Lava Fight .sceA

The Cool Guy on Oct 8th 2011

Don't fall into the lava

Notes for version .sceA:

Like I said don't fall into the lava

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Mosh Pit Mirage 1

The Cool Guy on Oct 8th 2011

Just map that took about a minute to make

Notes for version 1:

Should work

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whoa HD M1A1 Weapons in Hand (Beta version)

The Cool Guy on Apr 23rd 2013, Version 1.1

yo awesome dude this weapons like pretty nice, in fact I might start playing M1A1 again

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This was uhhh AAAdventures 1 ~ Daisy

The Cool Guy on Dec 22nd 2011, Version

very strange

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Great Marathon Aeon

The Cool Guy on Dec 21st 2011, Version 1.9a

Overall great map, but just pointing out that in case you didn't know, on the level "Vae Victis" one of the computer terminals does not seem to work correctly

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Really? black Fire

The Cool Guy on Dec 16th 2011, Version 0.1

Actually I have heard of the news of jesus christ and my new maps are much better

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Ah why yes HardFall.lua

The Cool Guy on Dec 13th 2011, Version 1.0

I find this rather interesting, but there seems to be a delay like when I fall, it takes like three like seconds to like react and I kinda like takes away from like the realness of the script

but now when I read the known bugs after I already wrote this review, it seems kind of pointless that I wrote this review and I'll just give it 5 stars

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Hmmm... Dead City

The Cool Guy on Jun 4th 2011, Version 5.0

It's a good map, and enjoyed it. But I didn't notice until I used this map for a while that this map is almost exactly like another map I downloaded a few months ago. Interesting

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Its cool Marathon Phoenix

The Cool Guy on Jul 17th 2010, Version 1.1.0

ITs good and haz cool weapons but it crashes whenever i transport to another level