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Forceful Anthem 1.0.0

nameless on 07/12/2008

A Netmap that was built and almost abandoned because of lack of time , about a small - XS map.

2,209 downloads, 2 reviews, 0 screenshots, 2.5 rating

Holiday Showdown 1.0.0

nameless on 12/23/2007

My new map, play tested , MY PRESENT TO THE COMMUNITY, alot of people on the meta liked it.


2,163 downloads, 2 reviews, 0 screenshots, 2.0 rating

Sewage Eviloution 1.1.4r2

nameless on 12/06/2007

A Arena map

Please dont say redo it , i think it was alright.

Tested with bobs.

(Cant Forward Ports....Lost Password)

so please use constructive criticism.


Version 1.1.4 Fixes

-Added in a passage -added some spawn points -added some weapons -fixed an untextured poly -added in more teleporters -added a juggernaut

2,238 downloads, 2 reviews, 0 screenshots, 1.0 rating

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  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Great , Astounding , Fun Paradise Lost

nameless on Dec 23rd, 2007, Version

those three words are what describe this pack, Great Architecture, Astounding Juice Work, Fun To Play With 2+ people,


  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

Great JOB Weapon Enhancement Pack

nameless on Dec 2nd, 2007, Version 1.4

This is starting to look alot better than the last. Great job.

(i just looked at the shots)

too bad i cant use it (crappy ibm stinkpad R31)

but it looks great

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

The Best Of The Best Red Spectrum

nameless on Nov 17th, 2007, Version 2.02

This is definatly a great (Perfect) Pack for infinity. some of the best eye candy and play ive seen