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This is more like it! Marathon Aeon

byrd62au on Sep 25th, 2011, Version pß 1.8

As someone who cut their marathon teeth on 3rd party scenarios like Siege of Nor Korph, Evil, Tempus Irae, Rubicon etc I'm very intolerant of maps where not enough thought and effort is put into lighting and making maps "feel" right. This is a scenario where the attention to detail really shows through. I took my time wandering around just enjoying the views (once I'd survived the great battles!). There are really only 2 things I'd suggest that stop me rating this scenario a 5 to of 5 (and perhaps these things will be rectified by the time the finished version is released). 1. Don't give the player so many weapons so early in the game. One of the things that made a scenario like "Evil" truly great was the weapons and ammo were handed out very sparingly and you often had to back up and play through sections again making more effort to conserve it as you would run out. Having to make do with a magnum for a while makes you REALLY appreciate it when you finally get a a shotgun or something. I would say there needs to be less health packs also and make some longer sections without save terms. Makes it harder but so much more rewarding. 2. (and this is critical to make this a truly 5 star scenario) It needs an art director. The menu, chapter screens and terminal art just aren't up to the quality of the maps. Great scenarios always have a great mapmaker and a great art director, not usually the same person! Other than these issues this is first class stuff and I haven't enjoyed playing a scenario this much since Rubicon (which this reminds me a little of). Great work!