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Great pack Caustic Dystopia

Switch on Jul 9th 2011, Version 1.0

We played through every map in this pack online today.

As the other reviewers wrote, these maps have great architecture, flow and lighting. They have good flow, and play very well online.

I would like to add that, although Big Map ( along with TTEP and 1080p ) was slowing me down in the main arena, I'm glad Windbreaker didn't let older machines keep him from pushing the limits of the engine. It's a great map that shows the kind of scale Aleph One is capable of in 2011.

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Mapping suggestions My first map pack

Switch on Jul 5th 2011, Version

I'm glad you got all the zipping and posting stuff figured out. I played through both maps for a minute or so, and thought up a few points of improvement:

  1. Avoid dead ends like the tunnel in Tower. The map should flow, not require you to turn around when you hit a wall.

  2. Avoid paper thin walls like the one in Upstairs

  3. Learn to merge your individual maps into map packs, to make playing them easier. You should also name your levels in your level editor.

  4. Upstairs could use some more cover. Aside from the paperthin wall, you are a little exposed. This is nice for some parts of the map, but even Thunderdome and Route 66 have quiet areas.

  5. People will be more interested in your maps if your add screenshots.

I hope this review is helpful. Keep mapping and working on your technique.

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Switch on Jun 5th 2008, Version 304f6855

These are some of my favorites. /cheap