[XS] From Alcatraz with Love by Staff0


This is a small, symmetrical netmap supporting emfh, koth, ktmwtb and survival. It has been merged with Hopper's Aleph One Previous AI to prevent monsters from freezing up, so the plugin won't be necessary for this map. It's recommended for two-player sized netgames, but three might work aswell.

Version 1.0

First release.

  • Uploaded May 7th 2019
  • tags: emfh infinity koth ktmwtb map survival
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  • Currently 5/5 Stars.


Spooky on May 7th 2019, Version 1.0

Fantastic map it deserves the 5 stars for the interesting customised looking terminal. Was fun testing it with you. Hope to see even bigger more extravagant maps in the future. Loved the detail!

Cheers, Spooky

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