XBLA Survival by Hopper


Play the Survival solo gameplay mode from Durandal XBLA. Rack up carnage points as you face off against hordes of increasingly difficult enemies.

Play on the four Survival maps built by Freeverse for the port. Or use the plugin, pick any netmap, and try not to die.

For a similar co-op experience, see Survival.lua.

Version 2.1

Version 2.1 fixes a bug which caused films to go out-of-sync.

  • Uploaded Nov 1st 2020
  • tags: freeverse lua plugin script solocoop
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  • Currently 4/5 Stars.


Sepherescent on Oct 19th 2014, Version 2.0

It's fun, but has a few minor issues; Monsters, especially juggernauts, keep spawning at really wierd places where they get stuck (on the map 'Road Warrior', one jug. keeps spawning in a wall). This probably is due to 'spawn at random location', however, maybe it'd be possible to create some sort of a 'minimum poly size for spawn'. Finally, the units that spawn get very repetitive since you can't get further than wave 10. 4/5

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Calm Like Your Mom


Full Roaming Vapor


Road Warrior


Sonic Electronic Ball Breakers