The War Fraternal by Provost


I made this netpack to duel my brother. As such, they can all be played with copious amounts of aliens. The first four maps are mine. The next four were built into the original Rubicon single player scenario but omitted in the newer version.

Blind Bird's Nest echoes There's no place like up. Scale the ledges to find the good weapons on the top of the Pfhor hive.

On the Wabash Cannonball provides players with explosive weapons in extremely cramped quarters. If players elect to use aliens and succeed in killing an enforcer, they can use his weapon to devastating effect.

The dog wouldn't eat it is one of the original Rubicon netmaps. I've filled in a column that existed only to block line of sight because that's no longer a limitation for Marathon.

The original Rubicon Netpack can be found at

Version 1.0

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NobilityV3 on Sep 6th 2012, Version 1.0

Nothing great, nothing bad. Decent maps.

Also, can you upload the rest of the ORIGINAL Rubicon netmaps that aren't in Rubicon X? I can't find them anywhere.

Thanks in advance.

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