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The War Fraternal 1.0

Provost on 09/04/2012

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I made this netpack to duel my brother. As such, they can all be played with copious amounts of aliens. The first four maps are mine. The next four were built into the original Rubicon single player scenario but omitted in the newer version.

Blind Bird's Nest echoes There's no place like up. Scale the ledges to find the good weapons on the top of the Pfhor hive.

On the Wabash Cannonball provides players with explosive weapons in extremely cramped quarters. If players elect to use aliens and succeed in killing an enforcer, they can use his weapon to devastating effect.

The dog wouldn't eat it is one of the original Rubicon netmaps. I've filled in a column that existed only to block line of sight because that's no longer a limitation for Marathon.

The original Rubicon Netpack can be found at

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Very Enjoyable Kindred Spirits

Provost on Oct 13th, 2012, Version

Six skulls - Ryoko's getting more devious with his hiding places.

Kindred Spirits provides substantial combats, including what may be a bolstered version of the cyborg. The drones are back too. The levels show off with intricate architecture that bolsters the gameplay. 'Dr. Tycho's Castle' comes off particularly strongly.

Kindred Spirits uses the dull Infinity textures but that's mostly a matter of opinion. Durandal hits us with a side of his personality we haven't seen before, specifically the "I'm thrilled to see you but I would never admit it." At any rate, he doesn't sound quite the way he does in other scenarios.

Another great pack!

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Excellent Detail M2 XBLA HD Graphics SuperPlugin for AlephOne 1.0

Provost on Sep 24th, 2012, Version 1.1.1

The most important thing to know about this pack is that it does not support color tables. After removing the scripts and graphics for walls and weapons, I was able to rework this pack for Marathon Phoenix. The Vacuum Bobs looked a bit out of place with the old graphics and this plugin does not have the colors for the Renegades but a little recoloring with Word can easily cook up new variations. Someone with a rudimentary understanding of mml (meaning someone else) could easily come up with scripting to allow for such a feat.

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Splendid Marathon Phoenix

Provost on Sep 24th, 2012, Version 1.2.1

Marathon Phoenix deserves highest praise. The map making, more than anything else, really stands out. The opponents utilize the innovative architecture to attack in ways that Marathon does not usually support. They frequently sally forth from a small side door or slip through a high window. Enemy ranged troops like to lurk on the ledges. The weapons are not terribly exciting but they'll bring the foe down.

The story has improved substantially from earlier versions. That being said, it still suffers from some significant gaps. A human/renegade alliance after the Count of Tuscany level would make perfect sense and it would make great gameplay to spearhead an assault of biosynthetic troops. Naturally, this agreement might fall apart after a few levels. Alternatively, we might ally with the Renegades on Red Eye Express. Also, the terminals speak often of the inexhaustible numbers of the Pfhor legions - as if even thinking of defeating them were nothing more than wishful folly. M2, of course, suggests that the rebellion of the S'pht would tear the heart out of the alien empire.

The Renegades would not have had any reason to give up the interior of the Atreides. (Tantive IV) The human presence on Intervals is unbelievably tragic. They would know better.

Phoenix does not use the ticks, yetis or drones. The first two would align perfectly with the background and fit into empty levels like False Dichotomy and Swan Song. The absence of the drones is a little sad.

Still these are aesthetic considerations, not pertaining to gameplay. (Just let us fight with the Renegades for a few levels before we know who they really are.) Overall, Marathon Phoenix is the best scenario that has come out for years.