Random Physics by elitesoldier


(playable with every gametype)

my first file which overpowers the players weaponary, here are the changes I made: pistols: shoots rockets, fusion: no change, Shotgun: single weild and shoots grenades. AR:100 bullets and 2 grenades, SMG:no changes, Flamer: no changes, Missile launcher: shoots one rocket(makes rocket launcher feel more modern), alien gun: shoots staff bolts that can launch an enemy upwards if aimed at the right spot, most effective at close range.

Version 1.0

None available, first physics file. I am a terrible mapper so i will not upload maps.

  • Uploaded Jul 10th 2010
  • tags: ctf emfh emfhs koth ktmwtb script solocoop
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DADDY Z3RO on Jul 12th 2010, Version 1.0

I see you were partially inspired by my ehh19 physics.

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