Quake 3 lua by Vladtepes


After Halo - Combat Evolved by Irons, this is a script made to recreate some of the experience of playing Quake 3 online

PS: For those like Goran "Mr Obvious" Svensson, this is a prank script

Version 0.1b

First public beta, some other functions may be added in future releases.

  • Uploaded Mar 1st 2010
  • tags: ctf emfh emfhs fun jump koth ktmwtb quake script solocoop
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Random jump script

goran svensson on Mar 12th 2010, Version 0.1b

This script makes you jump around randomly. You cannot move the player, the script does that for you, which results in little control over where you are going.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Very clever

RAITHE on Mar 10th 2010, Version 0.1b

local ballsack1, ballsack2 = Game.random(360), Game.random(30)+10

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Nice Work

timothy on Mar 2nd 2010, Version 0.1b

Don't need screenshots. Everyone knows what q3a looks like. Plz make Elite Force mod.

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Quake 3 lua