Problem Pax by RyokoTK


A collaborative effort by myself, Treellama, Irons, W'rkncacnter, $lave, Screamingfool, and JUICEMAN.

Journey back in time through a whopping 60 maps as we present all of the bad maps we've made and discarded throughout the years.

Some of the maps are nearly tolerable, some are quirky and stupid, some are outright terrible, and some are deformed joke maps.

Please don't host these more than once. In fact, don't host these at all.

Version 1.0


  • Uploaded Nov 16th 2009
  • tags: badmaps official
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Nice Work

timothy on Feb 2nd 2010, Version 1.0

I've probably only seen about half of these. Some were bad. Some were great. I'm glad they've all been collected together. It would have been a shame if they were lost.

  • Currently 1/5 Stars.

How come I love them all?

Envy on Nov 21st 2009, Version 1.0

I got through the door in shafted. really disappointing 7th try...

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