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Official Tag Map 1

Envy on 02/02/2010

Screenshot titled "Happy Now?"

Nowhere to hide! while I was screwing around with simple lights I made a map that seemed perfect for tag. Enjoy.

Notes for version 1:

Fixed Teleporters and weird wall.

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Sunburst 1.1

Envy on 02/01/2010

Screenshot titled "Core"

ATTENTION The Center Lava Column is not part of the hill. Don't run into it for KOTH.

An arena style map with a twist. The battleground changes as you want it to. Four switches control the motion of 8 Paths that Intersect the main battlefield. Also the hill has an unusual feature that makes for real fun. It is my first work that is Under 300 polygons. Critique!

Notes for version 1.1:

Fixed KTMWTB and other stuff.

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Skylark 1

Envy on 12/02/2009

These are two maps, one for RAITHE's special gametype, and one with actual weapons for regular play. I have included Merged and un-merged files. There are a few places with weird smearing. Smile and look past them please. (=

Notes for version 1:


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Citadel 1

Envy on 09/25/2009

A map i only converted to the marathon engine. not my idea.

this is the Citadel, biggest map almost ever... uses all space possible... Careful of the crypt if you use the Physics that emulate the bob war...

Notes for version 1:

some bad lighting here and there, still needs fog, some teleporters need hooking up, edges need killzones, needs a readme... other than that, iz finished.

@President People thats what it is.

@timothy, this is going in my scenario, and the textures would therefore be customized to the map. and idk how to do fog, and the troops were just cause i was bored. nobody likes bots.

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Elixir .42

Envy on 09/15/2009

This is the first netmap i will release. you cant always get what you want... you cant always get what you want... you cant always get what you want... But if you try sometime, you just might find- there are some Height problems, but they are intentional. if you aren't dumb, you can get around them. there are also better guns, but they are hidden. good luck.

Notes for version .42:

first release. please tell me everything and anything you don't like about it.

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I have looked through just about everything on this map and nothing leads me to believe anything is wrong with it.

Notes for version .0003:

i now have Oasis and Fire in the Pfhorge Native format, and whatever the output of the pfhorge export is. if you download it, tell me what version of Aleph One you are running, and what platform you're on. thanks.

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Well... Halo - Combat Evolved

Envy on Feb 24th, 2010, Version 0.6b

Congratulations! You've emulated a horrible game in a slightly better game! Credit for the work, but...

@xilef, its the name of the game. Halo - Combat Evolved.

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... [M] Harmonium

Envy on Jan 30th, 2010, Version 1.0

Holy smurfing thrall! that outdoes some if not all of my work. You win!

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Very nice. [XL] Psychomanteus

Envy on Dec 31st, 2009, Version 1.0

As Ryoko said, my only qualms are the lack of ammo and the mono-texturing. keep the flickering lights, though. Makes it harder to shoot, I like that. To make it less annoying, you should probably lower the rate of the flicker. Really fun though, good job!

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WOAH Under Veil of Night

Envy on Dec 29th, 2009, Version v1.0


I love it (but its my map, so...) but it was not designed to be dark, cause you can fall off the ledges, as dugit noted. I feel for you, texturing ALL of that... Sorta good job! (=

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Umm... [S] Electric Sheep Infinity

Envy on Nov 24th, 2009, Version 1.0

So you copied the map, and put up all the bridges? thats gunna suck for netplay, cause there are inescapable lava pits...

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How come I love them all? Problem Pax

Envy on Nov 21st, 2009, Version 1.0

I got through the door in shafted. really disappointing 7th try...

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Another Idea Oddessy

Envy on Sep 23rd, 2009, Version

Make the map completely silent, and have it in vaccum, so you add another element to the game. gotta get oxygen if you're winning for a long time.

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Near Flawless. Oddessy

Envy on Sep 22nd, 2009, Version

Good. now down to business, I hate your texturing. keep all sides of one area the same tex. show off your architecture with rounded texturing. like this: http://www.pfhorums.com/index.php?showtopic=4932&st=0#entry70092 also, where are the roving compilers and blinking lights? I DEMAND COMPILERS AND FLASHES! some of the platform blockers were just inlaid into the space... if you don't want to expand the bottom of the area, but have the platform stay the same, use a split poly. do it up to the height you like and then you know the drill. you get more space and more platform. try to use more than two guns, flamer would be nice, cause its good, but its short distance. put invisibility on this map! more long range guns, and less ammo for all. thank you, come again.

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AntiCitizen One Ein Heldenleben

Envy on Sep 17th, 2009, Version 1.2

Greatest map I've consciously played in the pack. it takes me back to the old battlefield style games i used to play. i own on this map... it was very good. keep it up.