Official Unofficialmaps

by W'rkncacnter

Uploaded Feb 21st, 2017


3 netmaps I made this year. I mostly made these to play around with some crazy ideas I had.

If you aren't using OpenGL with fog turned on, you're doing it wrong.

Version 1.0

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  • Currently 5/5 Stars.


Spooky on Feb 9th, 2019, Version 1.0

This map cements W'rk as the king of Marathon. The skill here is incredible. Those damn penguins though I will kill them somehow. The sprites on the penguins are a little rough around the edges but altogether an amazing map package. Well done.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Seriousmaps, seriousscreenshots, seriousreadme

windbreaker on Feb 23rd, 2017, Version 1.0

If I may be serious for a moment, this is a great seriousupload with some well-executed concepts. Shows the scope of what Lua is capable of in Marathon. I'm torn between Takecovermap and Spookymap being my favorite, so I'll say Zoomap is my favorite, because who doesn't like fishies and fishtank gradients.

Who knew in 2017 we'd still be seeing new and interesting concepts applied to Marathon maps? No one did. Jesus, we all need to get the hell out of here already.

3 Screenshots

Unofficial Zoomap

Screenshot titled "Unofficial Zoomap"

Unofficial Takecovermap

Screenshot titled "Unofficial Takecovermap"

Unofficial Spookymap

Screenshot titled "Unofficial Spookymap"