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cookedbread on Jun 30th, 2022, Version 21

nobody does squares like adminn_1 does

review concluded

NEFX Netmaps

Adminn_1 on 06/17/2024

Happy 50-map landmark! Here's to more.

2024-06-17 - A new map has been added, "Mutual Chase in the Maddened Image Spindle". You can download this by itself or with the other maps at the provided link.

2023-04-01 - The following have been added over the past week:

"Classical Contraption Contemplation"

"Drive of Constant Flux Maintenance"

"Initiatory Perspectival Pathsetting"

"Jousters on the Frame Warp"

"Shared Fray-Urge Unconscious"

"At the Underground Mesmer"

"Confinement Contemplations Weaponized"

"The Untapped Bond Point Come to Life".

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