NEFX - Marathon: Sucks

by Adminn_1

Uploaded Sep 23rd, 2023


[Credit to Windbreaker for the title.] "Until they've searched thoroughly, one can never be clean." In this scenario, you get to spend a bunch of time cleaning up a space of its filth balls with your trusty Yucatan Suckaman™ vacuum cleaner. But watch where you step, and be sure to empty the bag often so the vacuum cleaner doesn't explode!

Version 2023-09-22

Today I added four new maps: "The Fine-Combed Route Logic", "Questiongarden Homunculi", "A Monument to Arcanomics", and "Infinitely Stretching Ramparts of Rumination". These can be downloaded individually or with other maps or the scenario itself at the provided link.

5 Screenshots