Marathon Apotheosis

by Shappie

Uploaded Jul 13th, 2020 for Marathon Infinity


A 22 level single player game with brand new terminal art, weapons, environments, characters, and a story fleshing out the Marathon universe.

This scenario had become unattainable save for a single place, the Marathon Total Carnage Pack. I extracted and repackaged it to upload here, so everyone can access and enjoy this incredible scenario.

It is technically "unfinished" but only in the sense that it is missing some polish. It is essentially complete and you can play through the entire scenario without issue. Read the read me file for more information about Apotheosis.

Special thanks to Hypersleep.

Version 0.9

1 Review

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.


NovusXcell on Dec 19th, 2022, Version 0.9

I love the new bobs and the game story line.

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