Marathon 1984 by Simon the Nemesis


Marathon 1984 is a custom 3 map scenario for Marathon Infinity, created in 1997 by Frank 'Elk' Rooke and distributed in the MacAddict issue No. 13 cover CD.

This file contains the Marathon 1984 map file and a patched shapes file in MacBinary II format, compatible with Aleph One, as well as the original installer for classic MacOS also in MacBinary II format.

Contents of the Marathon 1984 original readme file:

Marathon-1984 Scenario

Level construction, textures and terminal art: Frank 'Elk' Rooke Many thanks to Devon Belcher (UESC Marine terminal pict by Devon)

Final merge: 6-16-97

1984 consists of three levels to be played as solo maps only and using Marathon Infinity.

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MoppyPuppy on Sep 14th 2022, Version

3 levels, I really like the mapping style. The third level is the very best and is a great take on human environments.

This scenario has a particular section that makes BoB's formidable due to very thoughtful enemy placement where in which you can't always see where you're being shot from.

I've never played a scenario that had me spraying the assault rifle wildly in the general direction muzzle flashes and fusion bolts.

It could have used two more terminals to explain that the tan colored Vac-Bobs are on your side.

Most of all, at no point during the scenario was I ever confused as to what I should be doing or where to go.

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7 Screenshots

Map 1: Wake up, Dr. Moriarty


Map 1: Wake up, Dr. Moriarty


Map 1: Wake up, Dr. Moriarty


Map 2: Under what?


Map 3: 1984 - Give or take a millenium


Map 3: 1984 - Give or take a millenium


Map 3: 1984 - Give or take a millenium