Legends of Marathon Map Pack

by raptor200221

Uploaded Dec 15th, 2018 for Marathon Infinity


This is a project that a group of map makers have been working on for a while. It is a fitting tribute to the Marathon community and its players. Huge thanks to Aaron, aka The Man, and Spooky for helping me with item placement and the making of special maps. These maps are each made for specific people in mind, and are named after who they were designed for. This is a 12 level net map pack meant for 8 players. The maps are for Wrkncacnter, asdkzx123, windbreaker, slyfennecfox, fenrick, Captain Jteg, raptor200221, Spooky, Aaron, Adminn_1, EDDIE DINGLE, and Zuranthus.

Version 13.0

fixed eddie dingle map

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Do it Over, or Scrap it.

Lizard King on Nov 6th, 2019, Version 13.0

This is hardly playable. The platform level is especially a bad idea, you pretty much get stuck most of the time. The original net maps are better designed than most of these.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.


Spooky on Jan 26th, 2019, Version 13.0

What a fantastic first project! You keep coming up with great ideas making a map pack with a map for some of the regulars each to be played on a marathon day was an original idea that you followed through very well. Great work!

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

Good maps for a start

Simp on Jan 25th, 2019, Version 13.0

well you did put in some effort, and I enjoyed a few of these maps :)

  • Currently 1/5 Stars.

Not Fun

Sharkie Lino on Dec 21st, 2018, Version 13.0

I'm not really sure what was tried here (yes I read the description), but it just does not work out.

Having a level with just almost all platforms (especially if you land on one while it is going down) I don't find enjoyable, and doesn't add anything to the game. Some of these levels have total dead ends, which are very annoying. Having one huge open area doesn't work either because you pretty much have no way to take cover from bullets, and some of these are just too large in general. Also, DON'T have a player spawn that is any starting height other than 0.00, as it's very annoying when you cannot move immediately after respawning. For a game as fast-paced as this, those 1 to 2 seconds are very significant.

Captain Jteg kind of works out if you want to have one different round, but that's about it. Other than that, I don't enjoy this pack.

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One floor height would have been cruel!

Screenshot titled "One floor height would have been cruel!"


Screenshot titled "Asdkzx123"


Screenshot titled "EDDIE DINGLE"


Screenshot titled "Fenrick"


Screenshot titled "SlyfennecFox"

Captain Jteg

Screenshot titled "Captain Jteg"


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Screenshot titled "Zuranthus"