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EasyShade contains functions for automating the lighting of Aleph One levels. It is intended to aid mapmakers in conjunction with their usual lighting techniques. EasyShade currently includes these functions (all parameters are optional):

sunlight(contrast, manual_sun_angle, cumulative) for simulating a directional light source that affects all surfaces and does not cast shadows

roomlight(brightness, floor_threshold, ceiling_threshold, radius) for assigning a brightness to an entire room at once

pointlight(brightness, max_radius) for simulating a point light source where the player is standing (calculations done in 2D)

darken() and lighten() for nudging the brightness of the room you're in up or down. These functions are tied to the previous and next weapon keys, so you can make an adjustment by pressing one key instead of typing out a function call.

pavelight(brightness) for applying a single brightness to all surfaces in the entire level

resetlights() for restoring a level to its original lighting levels

Version 1.5

Major update, now with wholly different types of automated lighting.

  • Uploaded Aug 5th 2012
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Great idea

RyokoTK on Aug 7th 2012, Version 1.5

For people that are trying to apply a consistent lighting effect over a large/geometrically complex area, this utility is great.

But if people start using this to light their entire maps with the same effect, I will reach through my ethernet cable through the entire internet to where you (yes, you, Crater Creator) live and murder you.

I hope it was worth it.

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