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Certianly Has Merit

herecomethej2000 on Nov 8th, 2009, Version 4.0.2

CTF has always been held in a special place for me and I always found it adrenalin pumping and a lot of fun. The complaints that Tim has suggested are faults that effect all team matches and are usually a product of bad hosting and unintelligent team balancing. Somehow, Ctf.lua itself has always been plagued with the brunt the fault. But everything about this game type requires thinking. Get 4 competent people together, and your in for one heck of a firefight and quick thinking. Do I defend or attack? How do I get get from point A to point B the fastest? Will there be a lot of resistance? What is the best direction to attack from? What are the directions my opponent is most likely to come from, and where can I place myself to get the first shot in? Not to say the new Rugby doesn't have it's own strategy as well, some of these even. But whereas rugby is more direct and in your face, which is to it's credit, I will always be a sucker for this slightly slower paced mind game.


W'rkncacnter on 11/04/2009

This is a lua script that enhances the CTF gametype so it doesn't suck. I wrote the original CTF script, and Irons added some cool features along the way. The readme included explains everything in detail.

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