COLORSPEACK by W'rkncacnter


Look at the pretty colors!


Turns out this crap wasn't on Simplici7y.

  • Uploaded Sep 7th 2010
  • tags: colors map serious
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like it

ufahdj on Sep 9th 2010, Version RAINBOW

the one i really liked was friggin rainbow with the tiny bobs haha really funny man

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

I think I've Seen Some of These Before (now)

timothy on Sep 7th 2010, Version RAINBOW

I wish more people used these textures. RED is a great Arena map. BLUE is a lot of fun to hit the water switch and watch everyone float away. GREEN is great shotgun map, but make sure you're hosting for HOST ATVANTAGE. The rest aren't that good. DO'NT PLAY RAINBOW unless you unmerge with atQ and modify the lua to remove the annoying bobs and sound. Overall, above average pack, but could use some work. Maybe some original maps too.

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