chinkeeyong Physics

by chinkeeyong

Uploaded Oct 2nd, 2008 for Marathon Infinity


Yeah, jumping on the bandwagon here.

This pack includes 4 physics models: Destruction, Synergy, VacBob War and Vidmaster Physics. VacBob War has been seen on Simplici7y before (with an MML script to boot) but the other three have never seen daylight.

Destruction is a classic over-the-top superpower physics model, including such gems as a flamethrower Gatling gun (which mows down enemies like clam chowder) and a flechette blood sprayer, which is in just because it's awesome. Slightly buggy, but if played well, is VERY FUN.

Synergy is also an overpowered model, but it is more reserved and realistic overall. It bears similarities to TC++, but with a slightly different flavor.

Vidmaster Physics is ALSO an overpowered physics model, but not for you. No, your weapons are downgraded to pea-shooters. It's the ENEMIES that get the power, and if you think you've seen everything and you're truly the best, try playing this. Don't even think about Total Carnage.

More information is in the readme.

Version 1.0.0

First release.

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Not bad

timothy on Oct 17th, 2008, Version 1.0.0

A little unbalanced, but these were fun for a run through KTA2. Good co-op potential.

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worse than slave physics

ray on Oct 8th, 2008, Version 1.0.0

if this website had a 0 you would be getting it

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.


BOB on Oct 5th, 2008, Version 1.0.0

I think that this is one of the best physics pack ever!!!I love the gatling napalm thing!!!

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