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Thanks 4 your time dude!

treellama on Dec 20th, 2010, Version 2.2

This script can only do two things: teleport you to the first level, or kill you.

Cheats.lua Demo

Zaero on 12/19/2010

This is the demo of Cheats.lua script, version 2.2. The full version will (beside 2.0 features) include: -4th teleportation type: teleport to any level (you'll not loose any items you currently have!) -cheat to give yourself any number of Uplink/Repair chips -cheat to kill all the enemies of a certain class (fighter for ex.) or all enemies on the map. This will also allow you to kill allies and there'll be also a preset "class" which will allow you to finish "rescue" type missions easily. -noclip cheat -ability to choose how much ammo an ammo/weapon cheat gives you -ability to set the oxygene/life to any value -Easter Egg "W?rkncacnter mode"

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