Behind The Times Pack

by Atom95

Uploaded Dec 28th, 2014 for Marathon Infinity


A collection of maps I made using old forge tools (0S9 old). It also includes most of the Atomic map pack I made a few years ago with a few fixes and tweaks.

Keep in mind that on both 'Puddle of Goo' and 'Back In My Day' there are two hills separated by goo and lava respectively.

Also, The Squared Circle is a boxing ring.

Yeah, I'm A7om95 too. Just couldn't remember my password for that account =)

Version 1.0

3 Screenshots

Back in my day!

Screenshot titled "Back in my day!"

Everything is goin down ta noth'n

Screenshot titled "Everything is goin down ta noth'n"

The Squared Circle

Screenshot titled "The Squared Circle"