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The only HUD worth using, frankly.

The Man on Nov 25th, 2022, Version 1.0

I’d been waiting for someone to make something like this for years. I never cared for the floating XBLA HUD, not due to its appearance (it looks fine) but because it doesn’t display your full inventory. The corner HUD bothered me because it blocked too much of the game world.

This, on the other hand, is fantastic. It blocks as little of the screen as is necessary, it gives you all the information the vanilla HUD, and it uses the entire screen for the game world. What more could you want? (…OK, I guess a Marathon 1 version would be nice someday.)

Anyway, an immense thanks are due to treellama for creating this. It’s one of those little things that modernises the game in an important way. It’s great.

Basic HUD

treellama on 05/01/2024

This is a basic fullscreen HUD for any scenario that uses the default Marathon 2 or Infinity HUD, and doesn't come with its own HUD. It attempts to make as few assumptions as possible, which allows it to work on a wide variety of scenarios, but is a little ugly. See the screenshots for details.

Software mode works but is even uglier due to the inability to circle clip the motion sensor.

Normal/Double/Largest preference is supported, but the plugin will try not to cover too much of the weapons. Double isn't enabled until 2k, and Largest is really only useful at 4k.

Based on the Default HUD script by Hopper.

To install, create a Plugins directory next to the Scripts directory in the scenario you want to add it to, and copy this zip file to the Plugins directory.

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