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Funky but not fun

fiddler_on_a_roof on Apr 26th, 2013, Version 1.00001

Somewhat interesting idea. But once I finally figured out what to do, it wasn't that fun. In the end, most people just like to find interesting ways to blow up aliens and each other.

It would help greatly if you would recommend to turn off the XBLA interface plugin, because you have no weapons and therefore no crosshairs.


Zott on 04/26/2013

Navigate the path without stepping off, nor letting your crosshair fall upon the many enemies about the room. The result of which would be unspeakable.

Turn on auto-center camera and turn off the overhead map display for a greater challenge. Difficult but beatable.

A provided lua script also allows crushing enemies with your mind if you are into simple pleasures like that.

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