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Good flow, lots of weapons. whachya think ??

Version 2.1

Fixed weapons.

  • Uploaded Aug 26th 2011
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Dugit on Aug 23rd 2011, Version 1

The architecture, textures, and weapons placement is now far more pleasing. Differential shading is still lacking but it's definitely there. Detailing is impressive (if somewhat isolated, and in many cases, only on the ceiling). This is all good to see, and I hope you continue on this tangent.

However, the detail is precisely where this map loses a 3-star rating. You say the flow is 'good', but actually, it will flow like treacle, despite the fact that it's not for conventional reasons. Go into the corners of the map, and press the '?' key. An FPS counter will appear. Whenever it begins to fall below 30fps, consider that when a group of people are playing on it, the lag will be multiplied exponentially and the map will- unfortunately- be totally unplayable. The Aleph One engine can only handle so many lines crossing the player's view, and when internet lag is taken into the equation, the map loses credibility.

It's good to see zealous detail, but overzealous detail, in effect, is just as bad as an empty map.

I'd be interested to see what you could come up with for solo mapping, since over-detailing is much less of a problem there (but still keep an eye on the FPS counter).

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