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Loved it!

visagi on Feb 19th, 2023, Version 1.1

I haven't played much of Marathon in a long time but picked this up after a binge of other old-school shooters. In the last month I've played Unreal, Dark Forces, all of the Half-lifes, and then this, and I can safely say I liked Apotheosis the most! It's amazing how well the core Marathon gameplay holds up. I still think I miss a bit of the punchieness of the original arsenal though. Extra praise for aesthetics and level design. The story was alright, but felt a bit like a retread of Marathon 2 from what I remember of that. But I'd much rather play this than go back to Durandal.

Apotheosis X

hypersleep on 01/12/2023

Apotheosis X is a total conversion featuring 24 massive levels of carnage brought to life with entirely reimagined sprites and textures, high frame rate animations, 16 bit audio and an original soundtrack.

The campaign features engaging combat that scales with player skill and aggression, with a roster of new enemies and weaponry that complements the original games' nuance and high skill ceiling.

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