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YouLoveMe on Nov 14th, 2020, Version 3.0

ryoko please im so sorry

i love this file and i love you don't do this to me

youloveme iloveyou

readmes are good

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Try Real Fame and Fortune CARNAGE VILA 46! README

YouLoveMe on Feb 26th, 2011, Version 2.0

Jesus Mother of Christ. Is this what the Marathon community has dwindled to? Hero worship of an emotionally stunted young man by a pack of simpering, fawning others? I don't know who's worse: The fools following, or the Jim Jones wannabe himself. Guys, you do realize, don't you, that you have spent years enabling Alex to continue down the road of damaged personal development by your repulsive worship of his every stinking fart. As if he's ever actually done anything of note, anywhere. Get real! A few admittedly excellent maps for a long, long dead game? And alienating scores of people in the doing, because he never learned "people skills" of even the most pedestrian cut?! Nice work! God forbid this approval-starved kid you so love actually ever achieves something worthy of attention by more than the four whole people left here, on Simplici7y. he would be UNBEARABLE. And take heed: He has little competition here because---wait for it---nobody has given a damn about this game for at least a decade. Pretty easy to rule a kingdom of one, right?