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Good textures Feral Map-pack

The Last Nakh on Jul 17th 2020, Version 0.1

I'll edit this review when I am able to do a thorough trial of this.

For now — and at the risk of abusing a review: The textures are done well. I would recommend to the author either that they develop a scenario which makes good use of these aesthetics, from this and from Frolic, or that they release all their textures alone for others to build upon.

Review of the mapmaking is forthcoming.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

Didn't try this, but I approve Kate - Female Bob Shapes

The Last Nakh on Jul 15th 2020, Version 1.0

I'm one of those who remembers the scantily clad female BoBs done for M1.
I think the Orphanage had some female BoBs too, but I might be remembering incorrectly — I'm probably remembering this, in fact. Is my memory getting as bad as HS now? ;-)

Anyways, as the header of this review said, I didn't try these and so cannot comment on how well the sprites are animated. Therefore, I cannot in good conscience rate it at a 5.
I do, however, approve of the attempt: unlike the bikini sprites, this is not a joke and could be used in a serious scenario.
Well done, Loren.

Furthermore, I'm not complaining about the name not being an acronym because I get the joke. 8-)