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Colony Mod 1.3.1

skraeling on 12/28/2015

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This is 1 single player map. It was supposed to be part of a 3 map intro to an 11 map campaign that started a year ago. I'm hoping to get the next two maps added over the next month. Doubt I'll ever find the time to create the full campaign.

New physics file, new shapes file, and the merged map file are included in the download.

Physics of monsters has been modified so they act a little different.

The behavior of every gun has been modified. No assault rifle.

No new art.

If you're getting frustrated or just want to goof around, there's a secret door right at the start which leads to a Cheat Room containing all the guns and a recharger.

Notes for version 1.3.1:

-Added 3rd level

-Changed shotgun behavior

-Added terminal explaining new pistol behavior to 1st level, also added ammo

-Added sounds to 2nd level

-Included physics and shapes file, along with infinity's original music and sound files

-12/28/15: made a change so that you actually transport to level 3 after level 2

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3 Boss Battles 1.0

skraeling on 03/03/2015

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This is a small map containing three boss battles.

It's basically three monsters with modified physics and shape files to make fighting them more interesting. Each requires a special type of arena for its behavior to work. Also, there's a Bob that heals you.

I had a lot of fun making and testing this. So, I'm sharing it.

That being said, the battles aren't totally balanced (although there are times where they work exactly as I intended), but that's why I provided invincibility if you want it. Also, each monster can be cheesed pretty easily, if you really want to.

My favorite is the Enforcer, although the Hunter actually works the most accurately, if you're not cheesing him.

Notes for version 1.0:

Contains Physics, Shape, and Forge Map files.

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So, because of some discussion in the Pfhorums I decided to make a few 7 polygon netmaps. I don't really play any netmaps so they might be terrible even beyond what you'd expect from a 7 polygon map.

There are 7 maps plus an alternate version of 1 map as well as a doc with a small backstory for each map. And if you download right now you'll get an 8th bonus map FREE!!!

Notes for version 1.0:


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Not Hard; Tedious EVIL Ra'thor

skraeling on Apr 5th, 2015, Version I

The fact that the only person to finish your scenario frequently mentions that he cheated in order to get through the game should have been a HUGE clue to you that you needed to go back and redo some aspects of your design.

I only played through 1.25 of the levels before I quit.

Kudos for making a scenario at all; that's no small feat. Also, I liked your set pieces (such as the stasis pods, or whatever they were) which make it feel more like a "real" space we're playing in. Your terminals also looked really good.

This scenario is not difficult; it is a tedious waste of time. If it was difficult then I'd have to actually put effort into playing it.

Withholding save terminals (I didn't see any) does not make your scenario more difficult.

Starting the player at 1/4 health and withholding rechargers and canisters (I did not see any) does not make your scenario more difficult.

Giving the player an assault rifle but only two extra grenade packs (I didn't see any other ammo) does not make your game more difficult.

Hiding switches and doors that are mandatory to progress through a level does not make your game more difficult.

None of these things makes the game hard, it just makes the game arbitrarily unfair.

I quit after the third time I died (on Normal). Why would I waste time replaying everything from the start again? It's just switch hunting, backtracking, and the little combat that exists isn't fun.

Maybe the later levels are more fun and interesting, but you certainly don't seem to want me to get to them and find out.