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It's a start Glow Prototype

Herbert_W on Mar 21st, 2020, Version 0.1

I was able to extract the map, shapes etc. from the application and use them with a normal copy of A1, which was fortunate as the provided application would not start.

There's not a lot here. There's nothing outright bad, but this scenario does suffer from a lack of variety both in terms of combat and level design. Almost every encounter is basically the same with narrow corridors funneling enemies that can be swept away trivially with a generous supply of AR ammo.

My advice to the mapmaker is to try to set up encounters where the player must exploit different strategies. Stunlocking enemies in narrow corridors gets old fast. If the player also needs to circlestrafe, to dodge dynamically, to use cover, to snipe, and to explore cautiously - then you have a more varied and therefore better scenario.

Likewise, the level design consists of the inside of several different parts of a base, with rooms and corridors . . . but that's it. It's all more of the same, and there's no sense of how the different parts relate to each other aside from being described in the terminals as different wings. There's also no sense of how they relate to the outside of the base or where the base is. Look at the first chapter of DOOM where the player spends most of their time in a base but can also see and go outside, and can see other parts of the base through windows. This adds both variety and cohesiveness, which are missing here.

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I appreciate the effort, but . . . NEFX Map Templates

Herbert_W on May 23rd, 2019, Version 1.0

This really isn't a good idea. "Too many vertices in a line" errors ahoy!

Besides, while square-block maps are occasionally nice for nostalgia and as a stylistic change, there isn't call for enough of them to warrant a template.

The line tool is just as easy to use as the fill tool. This template does not make life easier for novices at all.