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Pretty cool but... Night Vision Lua

arr531 on Sep 3rd, 2011, Version 1.0

It works pretty well but if you use it with FloatingX's weapon's display plugin the weapon's display gets noise interference/garbled when you activate the night vision goggles.

Update: After doing some more testing, I discovered it was with the OpenGL settings. I used OpenGL Classic and having Color Effects checked was causing the problem. If I unchecked it the than FloatingX Weapon display works with the Night Vision goggles but the color is not the traditional green color but it makes all the dark areas bright - like turning on a lightbulb.In Software mode it works without making any adjustments to the Graphics settings. This is Ubuntu 11.04 and testing with Marathon Infinity using the 0.23.3 engine.

Update: Just moved up to alephone 1.0b4 and tested - same results.