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ten thousand netmaps


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Adminn_1 on Jul 20th, 2017, Version

Well, bless my giant proverbial mouth on this page, eh? When you wish upon a Marathon scenario-reviewing comments section, your dreams come true.

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The legendary

Spooky on Jun 4th, 2017, Version

Much anticipated release of YugePax. Shout out to the regulars online!

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A new era

Adminn_1 on Apr 3rd, 2017, Version

It'd be great to find a way to turn these into Kill Them All-style solo maps and release them as Marathon: Yuge.

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Sharkie Lino on Apr 1st, 2017, Version

These are the best okay maps I have ever seen!

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Quality Content

Aurora on Apr 1st, 2017, Version

I'll never need another map again!

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windbreaker on Apr 1st, 2017, Version

I'll take my YugerPax now, please.

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