VacBob War by chinkeeyong


A hilarious physics model which turns every monster into a VacBob while retaining friend/enemy data, from Ticks to Juggernauts. Works best on netmaps or novelty maps like the A1 map pack; I love testing this out on The Keep. Includes an optional MML script which turns the player into a VacBob as well as correct the motion sensor and overhead map to display every monster as a Bob.

Version v1.1

Set overhead map to display all monsters as Bobs.

  • Uploaded Jul 17th 2008
  • tags: utility
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2 questions

elitesoldier on May 17th 2010, Version v1.1

1-where is The Keep map?

2- for some reason the file that turns me into a VacBob doesn't work. could somebody tell me why?

  • Currently 3/5 Stars.


BOB on Aug 9th 2008, Version v1.1

I think this is a really cool thing, but it would be cooler if it actually made you look like a Bob. I do have 1 problem, though. When I turn it on, sometimes I can't turn it of!!!

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