TTEP 7 Marathon 2

by Tim Vogel

Uploaded Dec 6th, 2007 for Marathon 2: Durandal


The TTEP (Total Texture Enhancement Package) is a massive package containing remakes of the original textures from the Marathon trilogy.

It replaces the original low-quality textures with new high-ress versions with a maximum size of 1024x1024 pixels. I've tried to get them as close to the originals as possible.

New in version 7.0:

  • Script files have been cleaned up and files have been renamed to make it more clear how to install.

  • All textures are now optimized .DDS files, with increased performance as well as quality!

  • Textures can now be scaled down in Aleph One's OpenGL settings. This also makes the TTEP a single size package, there's no longer 4 different sizes.

  • A lot of the textures have tiny flaws removed, some are completely redone to make them look better.

  • The Textures are now divided by their games, meaning you're not forced to download and use the Marathon 2 Textures when you only want the Marathon 1 replacements for example.

Version 7.0

  • Tags: utility
  • 11,466 downloads of latest version
  • 4.8 rating ( 5.65 weighted for sorting )

4 Reviews

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.


austin on Aug 25th, 2009, Version 7.0

Much appreciation for the work that went into these packs. They all look great. I've heard some complaints, but I feel its a bit ass-holesh to complain. I personally think they take an old looking game and revive it a hole lot, all three packs rock! Lets face it, compared to todays standards this game looks like shit, and any improvements are more than welcome.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

Contributed Textures

Dispatcher on Apr 20th, 2009, Version 7.0

Glad to see that among any of Tim's texture enhancements are those also done by volunteers for the old A1 Texture Enhancement Project. I contributed some through Jesse Simko several years ago; the water set door texture was my favorite.

These are fun to see in game now that A1 is much more fully developed.

Keep up the good work.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Well worth a download

Visciom on Dec 13th, 2007, Version 7.0

These are very well made high resolution textures. The colors make the environments seem slightly more realistic than that of the original as well.

Definitely worth a download to anyone that has a graphics card that supports OpenGL

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.


herecomethej2000 on Dec 6th, 2007, Version 7.0

For this particular set there is no competition. The texture work here is superb and I simply love each one. Plus, it includes the best landscapes ever made for marathon.

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