Tranquil Graves

by $lave

Uploaded Oct 20th, 2007


Tranquil Graves 2.0 is a very heavily modified version of my first net pack. It includes 14 maps:

Shrine High Hopes Zen of Wrath The Sheik of Araby Lobby L'hiver Black Wave King of the Underground Eclipse Ethanol My Body is a Cage Rapture Space Truckin' The Down Under Swoosh!

It also contains many bug fixes and some modifications to my earlier maps, see the read-me for more.

Version 2.0

7 Screenshots


Screenshot titled "Shrine"

High Hopes

Screenshot titled "High Hopes"

High Hopes

Screenshot titled "High Hopes"


Screenshot titled "Eclipse"

Space Truckin'

Screenshot titled "Space Truckin'"

The Down Under

Screenshot titled "The Down Under"


Screenshot titled "Swoosh!"