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Dear future Adminn,

Adminn_1 on Feb 13th, 1995, Version

I desperately hope this message finds you before you make the mistake of uploading this file. Well, not just this file but before you get sucked into Marathon at all. We can do so much better than this. Our future is bright. Marathon will ruin our lives. When you see this message, please for both of our sakes, find a different path in life, or you'll be uploading things like this.

If this message fails to get to you in time, at least it can help you prevent an even worse fate. One day you will be tempted to leave Boise. DO NOT DO THIS! This is not a mistake you will be able to recover from.

Best of luck to both of us in the future.

This is another solo level for Shadervoid, findable here: http://simplici7y.com/items/marathon-shadervoid-the-labyrwraths-of-growth. It's Extermination, so return to the starting tile after killing everything.

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