Superscalar by timothy


Superscalar is designed to level the playing field, giving inexperienced players an advantage while increasing the difficulty for regular players. No more will you have to hold back or intentionally miss when playing guests.

The script determines the difference in score between each player, and adjusts the amount of damage they inflict on each other accordingly. The player in the lead will do less damage per shot, while the other one does more.

The damage scale is calculated per player, so equally skilled players should generally do equal damage. Damage scales quickly as the point difference increases. This can be modified as needed by editing the scale numbers at the top of the script.

Host using one of the standard gametypes like Every Man for Himself or King of the Hill. Do not host using the Netscript gametype.

Bonus: I've included Host_Advantage.lua in the package. I attribute all of my success last year to this script, but now that I can't really host anymore there's no point in keeping all the fun to myself.

Version 1.0

  • Uploaded Feb 17th 2009
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Distance Equals Rate Times Time

effigy on Feb 24th 2009, Version 1.0

From what I can tell this script doesn't really help the meek until it's too late.

It helps to keep scores from getting too high vs. leveling the playing field.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

DO host using the Netscript gametype

ray on Feb 18th 2009, Version 1.0

...after pasting this Lua into Munitions Disposal.

Let's enjoy wonderful LUASYNERGY together.

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3 Screenshots

Don't let this happen to your games!


Look at those poor players at the end!


In this example, I won by targeting effigy, who was easier to kill. Had we been using Superscalar, effigy would have been doing 300% damage to me by the end of the game, while taking only 33% of the normal damage.