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brilliant on Aug 12th, 2011, Version 0.5

This map is pretty good for not having mapped very much. Don't take what Dugit said about the map being "very small" as bad, it is nice to see small maps, and they are fun to play on, especially for duals or a few players. Just look at small maps such as Hocus Pocus in the Red Spectrum map pack and Kleen Sweep in the Revel map pack. I do agree that the headbanging caused by the central area is a bit irritating, and it would be recommended to make the main area either a bit bigger or to raise the ceiling of the central area. As for the liquids, i dislike seeing the water level at the same level as the ground around it, so consider putting the tide a bit lower. In my opinion, the delay of the platforms were too slow, and a player who wants to get on it will be stuck waiting and could be vulnerable. I completely disagree with Dugit that the items are "good." In net maps, items (guns, ammo, etc.) need to respawn. Please read this topic here for information about item respawning: http://www.pfhorums.com/index.php?showtopic=2403&hl=item+respawn . Pretty decent job, I definitely want to see more maps from you!

Square Off!

BlackChaos on 08/10/2011

This is my first map in a long time , I have never released anything public before. So constructive criticism is welcome . Thank you in advance for the download .

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