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The Spectator.lua script makes any players on yellow team able to passively watch the game without interfering. They wont be visible to the other players and will not be able to block bullets or interfere in anyway. they move using the the turn/look keys(or mouse) and the left and right triggers to move forwards and back. Just remember that all players on yellow team will spectate.

Version 2

Fixes: Sounds work 5D Space now works far better Spectating players don't active platforms

Added: The ability to switch to other players views

WARNING Do not specatate with the shader renderer on. It produces smearing.

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Nice Work

aquateenhgrfrce on Aug 5th 2010, Version 1.0

I know I tested it before, I only have 2 qualms with it 1 - there's no side stepping 2- No sound

I'm not sure if you can do anything about the sound, but its neither of them presents a huge problem.

good job.

Update on the Update:

It so much better! The sounds work, and you can toggle player view!

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