Seanyx's Big a** physics pack by seanyx-chris


These are plenty of physics I made using Hakvil 1.03 on my own time. These physics are made for Infinity, but if you try and use them on Durandal, it works too (I think). I took the time to make the mods more authentic, editing gun sounds as well.

Lazer Tag: Weapons mod.

Overpowered: Aliens are very strong/Weapons Mod.

Piercing explosives: Weapons mod.

Pretty Colors: Color mod (makes for a neat look?).

Quickdraw!: All weapons draw faster.

Super Punch: Fists have foward and backward recoil, 4000 damage w/ 400 random damage.

WTF?!?: Nuff said.

In the Player Physics folder: Feeling Doom?: Weapons have a side bob reminisant to how weapons in the Doom series moved.

Flying High: Typical flying physics (walking allows you to fly). Punches have foward and backward recoil to get you in flight.

Impervious: The player is invulnerable to any damage. Great for checking things on a newly built map?

Sonic Speed: You move twice as fast.

There are three? (I think) which will cause the game to crash...:

  • Overpowered
  • Piercing Explosives
  • WTF?!?


Version 1.00

  • Uploaded May 14th 2008
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No "Feeling Doom" physics

Gabrieloup on Sep 26th 2015, Version 1.00

Description is misleading, there's no "Feeling Doom" physics, which was what I was looking for.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.


AN1Guitarman on Aug 16th 2011, Version 1.00

Freeking amazing! I love all of them!

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