Rugby Lua

by W'rkncacnter

Uploaded Nov 10th, 2009


This is a lua script that is meant to go with the Rugby gametype for alephone. Teams are red vs blue. The objective of rugby is to take the ball into the opponent's base.

This script mostly just helps let you know what is going on during the game. If you do not have the ball, the compass will point to it. If you have the ball it will point to the enemy's base.

The script also resets the ball if it lands on an "item impassable" polygon or if no one has touched the ball in 20 seconds. If you bring the ball to your own team's goal, the opposing team will get a point.

Version 1.2

Changes in v1.2: * Fix a bug where the script will incorrectly determine that you scored a point on your own goal.

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The Prodigal Son has Returneth

herecomethej2000 on Nov 8th, 2009, Version 1.1

And boy, with a bang did he come. Seriously, the one built in game type in Alephone that has been completely neglected and treated as an outcast, with tweaking, actually turns out to be a rather fun and interesting team game. Who knew? Now all this excellent game type needs is it's very own beautiful, hand crafted, Ryoko and Company made net-pack.

Only the W'rkncacnter could have pulled this off. Thanks a bunch!

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