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Pfhorge is an OSX map making utility, as yet uncompleted but usable. There are still bugs with terminal editting and map compilation while the texturing can't be carried out in the visual interface.

I've included a manual that assumes you are already familiar with Forge.

Version 0.95

  • Uploaded Aug 13th 2007
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Needs to be ported to Windows, please!

Overlord on Mar 17th 2012, Version 0.95

I own both a Mac and a Windows computer. What I really dislike about Pfhorge is that it is basically not usable by Windows.

When I used Pfhorge (on iMac) I really thought the experience was lackluster in comparison to what Weland can do. Yes, Pfhorge has a visual editor, but it suffers from having frequent errors. At this rate with the current product, Pfhorge is nowhere near a proper replacement for Forge.

I've simply got 3 requests for Pfhorge:

  1. Make it compatible with Windows, please!

  2. Fix the bugs.

  3. Add selfmade tutorials for those who do not know how to use Forge.

Until my requests are made, it looks like I'll be using Weland for a long, long time...

  • Currently 2/5 Stars.

Needs alot of work..

WeirdoYYY on Jan 4th 2009, Version 0.95

First off to be positive this little utility has alot of potential such as Terminal Editing, Scripts, Plug Ins, and all that jizz. Now what really bugs me the most however is the visual mode.. I understand I could use the Visual mode script but to save time a built in visual editor that is good would be fine.

In this visual mode everything is frozen including liquids and platforms.

That being said, this is only in it's infancy so I could be proven wrong.

If someone could put this much effort into an update for forge or something maybe we could put an end to the "Your line of sight crosses too many polygons. Please remove some."

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