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Description You got a message. I just got it. What gives? You've never been with it, I mean with us. I'm gone, gone away. But you were here, then you went and gone. Got the word? Oh, yes, yes. The bright light, Dad, got the sign. Sign? The light. Light? The message! Then you went and gone. Why? Give it to me, baby! That's it! Give me the rest! Give, all you want's give, that's it! That's it! And take. That's it! Take's all you want. That's it! TAKE. That's it! TAKE. Take, take. TAKE. TAKE. TAKE. TAKE. TAKE.

Version v6

Known bugs:

  • Unmutual. Patch scheduled for next release.
  • Uploaded Aug 5th 2009
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3 Reviews

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This isn't some kind of metaphor.

patrick on Aug 26th 2009, Version v6

Goddamn, this is real.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

dem bones dem bones dem dry bones

ray on Aug 6th 2009, Version v6

now hear the word of THE LORD

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

baybee boi

irons on Aug 5th 2009, Version v6


Thermoplyae: MAS

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