Netscript Pack

by Aurora

Uploaded Dec 14th, 2019 for Marathon Infinity



A pack of netscripts for Infinity (I believe most of these should function in other Scenarios as well)


-Headhunter: Kill players, collect keys, and take the keys to the hill to score!

-Infection: Don't get infected!

-Kill Confirmed: Kill the enemy team and collect the dropped items to gain points

-Life Support: Your health is slowly draining, get kills to extend your life

-One in the Chamber: You have one shot. Make it count.

-Readme with more gametype info


-Created by: AnonFriction -Additional Help: Liacrow


-AnonFriction on the pfhorums, discord, and twitter

Version 1

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Very Useful

raptor200221 on Jan 7th, 2020, Version 1

It is great to see these game modes ported to marathon. Keep up the good work!

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Well done.

Spooky on Dec 16th, 2019, Version 1

Classic Marathon Day surprise.

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