NEFX - Brutal Wheels of Steel Forever

by Adminn_1

Uploaded Sep 25th, 2022


An entire soundtracked 50-level pack by NEFX for the 1998 Marathon-engine-based game Wheels! by RJ Cooper. Much thanks to the original Wheels! creators and to W'rkncacnter/Douchetower for help with the bundling. To play:

  1. Copy the Wheels! files into the directory.

  2. Open the graphics/shapes file in ShapeFusion and apply the contained shapes patch to it.

  3. Put Aleph One in the directory and launch it.

  4. Stop.

  5. Bend.

  6. Lean.

  7. Kiss ass goodbye.

Version 1

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  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

blazing soundtrack

irons on Sep 26th, 2022, Version 1

can't think of a more appropriate soundtrack for this game. unfortunately i don't own the original wheels but i can cry along to the music

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