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Exellent work!

herecomethej2000 on Mar 23rd, 2021, Version 1.01

Decades ago I did a joke project with someone where we tried to replace the monsters with stick figures. In doing so we found that this game really had potential for cell shaded style graphics for artists who actually knew what they were doing and weren't 12. It's fantastic to see someone went ahead and actually did it. Excellent work! I do hope you one day find the energy to do the player sprites, as it would be great to play multiplayer like this. This could easily be the best graphic set for the game.

Err... uhm... so i did it? The whole Infinity [and M2] spritesets and images (still minus the Player, sigh) but in a more cartoon-ish format.

The link goes to my GDrive. EDIT 2023/12/14: The permissions went haywire. I'll try to correct as soon as I can. EDIT 2023/12/14: The permissions seems correct now.

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