MarathUp - Sketchup to Marathon Converter

by Spooky

Uploaded Aug 12th, 2022


Version 1.0

by Gregory Ewing

This is a set of Ruby plug-in scripts for Google Sketchup to export a model as a Marathon map file that can be played with the Aleph One game engine.

A tutorial is included which demonstrates what's been implemented so far. Start at Tutorial/index.html.

If you have used a previous version of MarathUp, see CHANGES.txt for a summary of added features, and have a look at the new sections in the tutorial.


This is free software. Share and enjoy.

Version 1.0.1

This is a working version of the script the Professor helped me fix over email.

Luckily it was found in system files of old computer. It is now safe and sound.

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"Eightfold Artificial Ferromagnet" - Spooky

Screenshot titled ""Eightfold Artificial Ferromagnet" - Spooky"